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Saturday, May 26 2018 @ 11:37 PM EDT

House for Sale on Fort Clayton

Real EstateUpdate: Photos Now Available at: Panama Realtor. For Sale: Completely remodeled duplex on Fort Clayton, house #405A. The property is a completely rebuilt "tropical style" duplex on the Fort Clayton former military complex. This huge three-level house has more than 500 square meters of enclosed space, and another 150 meters of improved areas such as a covered and connected carport, patio and terrace, balconies, basketball court, and storage areas. The land measures 724 square meters, and the house has big fenced backyard. The property, located in the former Canal Zone, is close to shopping, schools, services, health care, Panama City, the Panama Canal, the Summit Golf Course and other recreational facilities. I own it, and want to sell it fast. Read on...

Location: This house is located in a residential area of the former military installation Fort Clayton in what was called the "Canal Zone," a 10-mile wide strip of land running through the middle of Panama. The canal zone was under the control and administration of the United States until 12:00 noon on December 3, 1999 when the property reverted back to Panamanian control as required by the Torrijos-Carter treaty. The United States and Panama Canal authorities maintained most of the Canal Zone area in its original condition with regards to forested areas and wildlife, so there is a tremendous amount of birds, animals, and other wildlife thriving in the surrounding area.

Overview of Clayton and Relative Location to Panama City

Ciudad Jardin: Clayton and the rest of the "reverted areas" are protected under the "City Garden" (Ciudad Jardin) law which controls growth, expansion, and construction. The spirit and intent of the Ciudad Jardin law is to protect the natural beauty of the area.

Medium Level Overview and Location on Clayton

What's Close By: For starters, anyone with school aged children can enroll them in the Balboa Academy, one of the best English language schools in Panama. The Balboa Academy is located just on the other side of the park, and is an easy walk or bike-ride away. Right down the street is the new visitor's Center at the Miraflores Locks of the Panama Canal. The new US Embassy is currently under construction on Clayton, and the Consulate which houses the US Citizen's Service Center of the US Embassy is located in building 520 on Clayton and is already open.. Panama's City of Knowledge and International Techno-park are both on Clayton and within walking distance.

The house itself is situated on a quiet street with no through traffic. Due to the positioning and location, there is no reason for anyone to drive down this street unless they live in the area, so the only traffic is from residents. There are only seven duplexes or fourteen residences on this street (Miles Place.)

Close In View of House and Neighborhood

Recreational Attractions Nearby: It's a quick and easy drive to the Summit Golf Course and fishing at Gamboa. The Ft. Clayton location also provides access to shopping and services in El Dorado and the Albrook Mall complex.

Front View of House

Side View of House

Note: More pictures of the interior coming soon...

Price: This house has been valued at $250,000 by two recent assessments. Sellers are highly motivated and want a quick sale. Any reasonable offer will be accepted.

Contact Information: Call Don Winner at 214-3197 or 6-614-0451 or email

Real Estate Agents:This sale will pay a 5% commission. The property is being handled by Felix Carles (6-677-3566) and Any agent who brings in a buyer will split the commission with the agency representing the property.

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